XML structure changed FP_6 -> FP_8

Good morning everyone!

Four years ago I wrote a Flash app for Flash Player 6 and AS1.
It loads data from XML and associates with variables I need.

Structure used in XML is as follows:

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“iso-8859-1”?>
<Row id=“Bla1” N=“Some Name” GSM=“00 00 000” Place=“16”/>
<Row id=“Bla2” N=“Some Name 2” GSM=“11 11 111” Place=“9”/>

And I’m using following syntax to read info from XML:

// SomeVariable = XMLFile.firstChild.childNodes*.attributes.GSM; //

It all works well if I publish it for Flash Player 6 and AS1. But now I need to make it work with Flash Player 8 and AS1 or AS2. My nightmare is, that I can’t change XML file structure because other apps are changing and updating this XML file. Other apps are written specifically to use XML syntax I showed above ;( If I publish it under Flash Player 8 then it just doesn’t load the XML and all values will be “undefined”.

How could I read data out of that XML without changing XML structure with FP 8? Some good advice anyone? Except rewriting other apps, it can’t be done :-/ Thanks!