What is it?

Why is it going to take the web by storm like Java did?

Any good sites for it?


Anything from anyone is appreciated.

What I have understood :
It kicks asses. It’s a little bit like HTML, only much much better since it’s compatible with more or less any language whatsoever. That’s all I know. You can find some information on the site www.ultrashock.com in the tutorial section. Be careful, cos they don’t like to explain much, so don’t worry if you don’t understand anything…


Yea, Ultrashock don’t like to explain much, like why every click is 999k download with a new pretty loader bar. They should rename their site to preloader.com


Litterally roflMAO.
Buy yourself an ADSL modem, Phil.
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Nothing more than 56K is available in the plateau off the edge, but not quite at the opening of the cliffs of insanity, where I dwell, Wonder Lake, Illinois. Only 56K. thats why I am moving out of this god-forsaken plateau next summer and go back to cable modem. So please have mercy, when someone with a 4 megabyte website loader asks me what he thinks,…Well Ima gunna tell him the truth! the hardass, sucks to be you truth!

vatta a joke! 4 megs!

“You keep calling me Dmitri. You really shouldn’t” (MI2, awful movie). Why are you calling me UPU ??

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