I saw this site that loads projects using XML, so I was wondering if I should look into xmlfor my site being that it seems to be structured the same. The site is:


I have read through all of the tutorials about xml that senocular provided to the kirupa world. So, my first question in all of this… when is the best time to use xml… I am developing a site that has alot of projects. (like 50 projects) Would this be a case where I would use xml for the imformation about each of the projects?

Second question, Is there one xml file that is referenced or is there 50 xml files, one for each project. Also, can I use on flash template or would I have to use multiple. Anyway, I would like to have as little files to manage with maximum ease of use. maybe i am wishing… I like how the above site use one template and it seems to reference some xml file.

Just trying to get my feet wet in xml to see if that is that how i want to develop my site. I hope someone can give alittle more explanation.