xP question

Ok, I have 3 Other users on this computer… me, my brother and mom and dad… but they are all adminstrators (i am owner) but everytime my brother wants soemthing from my account, he goes and changes my password in his account (cause he has that) is there anyway I can disable them changing my password, WITHOUT taking away the admin privledges?

I suggest getting a new brother.

Lol - get a new brother :sure:.

They shouldn’t at all be able to touch you files. And 4 admins? That’s crazy, everyone could search in everyones files then.

You guys need to agree on 1 admin. This way, no one can touch anyones accounts.

but if I give them a limited account, what CANT they do?

They can’t access you password or your files ;).

Most people ignore Windows Help Files, but it is really agreat wealth of knowledge. Since win2k, Windows Help is excellent. Once you decide 1 administrator, give everyone else Power User level. That way they can install programs and do other things, but just won’t have the full access that an admin does.

Here is what Windows Helps says about a Power User:

Power Users

Members of the Power Users group can create user accounts, but can modify and delete only those accounts they create. They can create local groups and remove users from local groups they have created. They can also remove users from the Power Users, Users, and Guests groups.

They cannot modify the Administrators or Backup Operators groups, nor can they take ownership of files, back up or restore directories, load or unload device drivers, or manage the security and auditing logs.

Yep. Like I said, users that aren’t admin, can’t touch anything of anyone elses. But they still all the power of a normal account unlike guest account.

ok, thank you :slight_smile: