Yet another help request to XML Gallery


I am posting this after doing tons of research to make sure I wouldn’t expose a problem that has already been discussed here. I really would appreciate some help on this, as it looks to me as being something simple, but since I’m a newbie to AS, I can’t figure it out…

So I’m working on the classic Kirupa’s XML Gallery with Thumbs, ok? I’ve already adapted it to my needs and there’s only one thing left to solve. The gallery loads both vertical and horizontal images, and both of these types are displayed center-aligned on the stage. What I want to do is to make the caption and the left and right navigating buttons to “follow” and “align” automatically to the bottom of each photo as they are loaded, be it vertical or horizontal.
It would work just like Scotty’s Image Resize Gallery (posted originally in ), but the tricky part for me is adapting all that AS Script to fit Kirupa’s Gallery.

Any kind of help would be truly appreciated. :thumb:

Thanks in advance.