Yet Another Preloader Question Also Remoting Question

Hi Everyone,

I feel like a complete idiot here, but I am a horrible programmer.

I have an application that is going to be doing some Flash Remoting.
It also has some big Bitmaps in it. The filesize is huge.

I made another swf to work as an external preloader.
I used the new components (progess Bar, and Loader), and I know they are big too, but as I said in a seperate file the calls my main app.

THe Remoting question is this: I have read on a forum somewhere that there may be an issue with the remoting and the fact that it is loaded into another swf. Has anyone found this to be the case?

I’m wondering if I should rebuild the preloader in frame one of my main swf?

The stupis preloader question is: as it is, because it is built with the components, when it loads the Main.swf into the loader MC, the progressbarMC stays in front. I have tried several ways to get it to removeMovieClip (the progress bar), but have been confounded on all fronts…Can someone please fill me in on the best way to do that, and if you can, the remoting question too!

Thanks a lot, sorry to be so long winded.