Yet another preloader question

ok I followed the preloader information found on this site. Everything looked good. But it still does not work correctly. In IE you just look at this blank page while the movie compleatly loads and then plays. I can not figure out why the preloader it not loading first and playing the little grey bar and stuff. The file in question can be found at This file does have sound and stuff that goes with it. But not in the preloader version. Where do I paste my frames for the movie? in the actions layer at the 3rd keyframe? Because maybe that is what I am doing wrong.

I really would like some help with this. I am trying to make this in MX and just for the sake of help I have uploaded the fla file for this too. Not looking for someone to do this for me. But I might not be around to answer questions for the next day or so, so if you want, you can download the fla file and should be able to find all the info there that you need.

Thanks in advance for your help.