You didnt notice :(

not that amazing :-\ lol look at lost! and if you look i am SLOWLY building my site. take a peak. the interface gets more and more complicated. and i try to update it or my blog almost every day. but it will be there, just not all at once. i like it simple like it is you know? but yes it will be this year if tat was the question :stuck_out_tongue:

yea i have seen it, nice tutorials

Hmmm, now that I recall mdipi… weren’t you banned before? So does that actually still make this a year for you?

Hehe… j/k :slight_smile:

my site will be coming the summer of 2007 :slight_smile:

lost that ws like for a half day before i was back. shesh! lol.

and i graduate in 2007 so you timed it perfect! w00t! i thought you said you were like done with it?

I am almost done my Flash version, I have to fix up some of the XML backend and get a contact form working, but thats about it. But I have another project that goes along with it (top secret, but not that important) that I am working on as well.

I dig the typography on your site splash! Very different.

Thanks DP, I wish my actual site was that cool though :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh… it’ll do for now. The splash page color scheme is the color scheme of my site for any of those interested :slight_smile:

mdipi: what is your blog for? Is it going to be your personal journal, or just a place to post funny articles and updates for your site?

Well I’m exctied to see it LIB! Send me a PM or something when you get it done. Also, what is your sig about, I don’t understand…

windowlicker, aphex twin hello?!

lost cooL! i didnt know oyu were fooling iwht XML, me and thor were doing that a little bit back. its fun! i cant wait to see it!

DP: i sent you a pm check it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s Aphex Twin!! NOT TWINS!!! hehe. It is one guy, not a set of twins :stuck_out_tongue: His name is Richard D. James and he goes by the name Aphex Twin because… A is for acid (the type of electronic music), ph is an acidic value in chemistry, ex just makes it sound cool. And Twin is because his older brother Richard died before Richard D. was born so his parents named him Richard as well (but he goes by Richard D. James to prevent confusion), hence the twin remark.

Ok, so I am a bit Aphex Obssessed, but who can blame me!!! He is just so awesome!!!

Anywho, my custom title, avatar, and footer as mdipi said, deals with the Aphex Twin video for Windowlicker (great song) which was produced by Chris Cunningham (great director)…

DP: I am actually not going to announce at all when I release it, I like being crafty :evil:

mdipi: Ive been into XML for a while now, my entire flash site is XML supported, from the news updating, to the links, to the portfolio items, etc, etc. I hate having to open .fla files to edit everything, so I won’t :beam: My side project has to deal with php/mySQL, but thats all I can say about that right now :x

really? ahaha. i was gonna do a gallery in XML-Flash but at the last minute scratched it. i would liket do it, or a part of it still though. just gotta see more examples and stuff.

youare a god for trying to deal with PHP in flash, i hatte it!

Wanna hook me up some source on XML? I’m really into learning it better but need to see how to parse out child-nodes and stuff.

its not hard, i am going from memory:

childNode[0].childNode[1].name = "DP";

something liek that, i havent done it for a while.

Mdipi: I never said my side project was with Flash :wink: :wink: (it isn’t). I must just starting to learn PHP/mySQL now, I can’t say as it is going so smoothly, but i’m coming along and getting what I need working so that’s always a plus :slight_smile: After I learn more about how PHP/mySQL work I may go into Server-Side Flash (an area I failed at before) again.

DP: I learned everything I needed to know here, then expanded from that with my own personal experimentation of what I learned…

i just asummed :D. well i cant wait anyway. i need to go pick up my php book again :D. it fun.