You good, you real good

Hey Kirupa. I have been trying to get my sigs up for ages. Your site helped me in seconds.



No problem. Always glad to help a fellow flash get his sig up :slight_smile:

Btw: Nice signature; it looks really cool.


Thanks. Coming from you, I am flattered. :o Tis but a start. With the knowledge on your site, I shall only grow.

Btw are you really “Kirupa”?

Thanks again

DeF, that sig is the bomb

Hey thanks man. I appreciate the kind words. I was a bit lazy with the ripples tho.

Yours made me say “****” when I first saw it :slight_smile:

Hey Kirupa, this is a nice warm and fuzzy Flasher nurturing spot you created. Thanks

I love the way the ripples seem to go negative when you move the spotlight over them… doesn’t look like you got lazy at all.

Sadly, the new update for swish, has the “lightwave” effect included, so probebly everyone and their mother will have a lightwave sig soon. Time to start working harder on my new sig again. :slight_smile:

Heh. I mean’t lazy cos I did not alter the timing of the ripples.

ahh. yeah, even a random function might add to it. I don’t think it’s too big a deal though.

oops, i’m really sorry about that icon. I thought ezboard was suppose to resize it

Hey, you 2 arent the only ones who play tribes well u can find me at }KOA{ Mad Dogs Run . I’m }KOA{Tekkaman|D
hope to find ya… because i like ur banner a lot.

Edit Kirupa: I tried to unsuccesfully try to see if the picture would disappear.

Sorry for the posts guys. Several posts were deleted when I tried to fix the image resizing thing.

In response to a previous question, I am Kirupa. This isn’t a name I made up, my real name is Kirupa Chinnathambi. Hence :slight_smile: