I freakin' love this site!

Been coming to this place fo a while now and always get the help I need! The members here are friendly and bascially just kick ***! It’s also very inspirational to come here to learn, learn, learn, like a sponge! Plus, Kirupa goes to school in my home town of mighty BOSTON!!! - just wish the Sox were as mgith right now : ( -

So anyways, this place Rules! Thanks to Kirupa and the other members who make this place the best Flash/Desgin forum out there.


What do you guys think of my new sig? Made it the other day just fooling around but then the more I looked at it, I fell in love with it.

I would also like to add Thanks to kirupa and all the other members too keep it up :hugegrin:

PS : Nice Footer but whats that tiger thing supposed to be??

u getting a lot of this threads lately kirupa…congrats :slight_smile:
btw, the footer is cool but too big :smiley:

LOL - the footer is Khimari fron final Fantasy 10.

Yeah, I just threw it up to see what it would look like on a forum. It might be too big for Kirupa forum but to thers it’s small! Still, I want to make a sleek one for kirupafourm.


you’re only 100 pixels to wide and 20 too tall. Why not crop it. It’s a cool footer.

glad u like the place…but i’d suggest u to change ur footer size before it is blocked by one of the mods…it should be 300X60 pix or less…less then 15 kb’s too.

Please change the size of your footer so I/mods don’t have to change it for you :slight_smile:


Glad you enjoy it here :slight_smile:

Where in Brooklyn are you? Also dude, Bosox have no chance this year :wink:


March4Revenge: your footer is too big. I’ll give you some time before giving that one boot. I suggest resizing it and exporting as a jpeg (at a quality that puts in below 15K) - so just replace it and it’ll all be good. As others pointed out, its a cool one and theres no need in losing it if you dont have to :wink:

Oops - Sorry about the footer guys! I had no idea about those regulations, which is my fault for not researching them prior to having the footer! I’ll change it for sure.

@Digitalosophy: No need to rub it in! lol! I’m in Park Slope. You live in Brooklyn too?

Yup right off McDonald Ave in bensonhurst :slight_smile:

Howdy neighbor :slight_smile:

Awesome dude - good to know! Right down the street basically. Cool man, I’ll see ya around on here!

Hey March!
Thanks for the nice comments about all of us here. Glad you like this place :slight_smile: Your footer looks nice also!

Kirupa :beam:

ehm…did you know there was a problem with your footer :wink:

seriously looks quite cool