You guys have to see my game! It is the product of all your help!


Ok ever since I started coming here, around 6 months ago, every single thing I’ve posted has been to fix something or make progress in my game…and now it’s done!

my first ever true accomplishment in programming!

And of course a very special huge not possible without you thanks!

ok so go to my site,
(extreme under construction mind you)

click “My movies” in the sidebar

choose “Escape from 1428 elm street” from the list

as far as I know there are NO bugs. But who knows…
Anyways tell me what ya think!

Note** my game features some mild violence and instances of foul language… but it’s based off nightmare on elm street, what do you expect?

um…all I see is a red box of text in the middle, where is the links at? Could you direct link us to the game itself so we don’t have to look for it?

oh, sorry

that should go right to the game’s page

The links are on those little red buttons on the left. My site is in frames and meant to be viewed at high resolution… yeah I know I have some viewing problems to work out.

but taking that link above wont let you see any other part of the site, it just loads the frame the movie is in

I don’t have much time to play all of it, but so far I think it’s pretty cool. It reminds me of this really old game I played a long time ago called “Shadowgate” which was probably the first RPG I played. Keep up the good work. =)

yep, that was (part of)my inspiration for making it