Your comments on the redesign?


I have redesigned my website

Please let me know your comments and critiques on the design and usability.


didnt look at ur site much but it seems uve tried to cram alot of stuff into a small space or maybe im just tired just looks a little busy maybe u should have less links on the homepage?

yeh i gotta say it looks very busy with all that text

When the users come to the website first, I want my users to be able to go to any part of the website without difficulty (clicking on drop down menus, layers…etc), that is why all the links are present on the homepage. However if you go to any secondary page, you will be displayed only with the menus on that category. And there will be option to open the navigation system.

You might be right that it seems little crowded with the links and all, however from the usability point of view I think this way it is better, rather than hiding the menu items under drop down menus this way users have the overall idea what the site is all about. They don’t have to make effort to find out what the site contains.

What do you think?

The tutorials section looked like it could be really helpful to some people. I didn’t mind the clutteredness. (Hehe