*Your Favo*

Whats you guys favorite

4:female body part(lol)
6:Types of Cloths
7:Computer Programs
8. Death Stars

lol no your suppose to state all those thing like for

a:Music-Blah Blah

B:Death Stars:OzzyBlahBlah

Like that

1: mother’s pot roast
2: Navy Blue or black
3: anything by semisonic :wink:
4: everything under her neck
5: Rumble Fish (taught me everything i needed to know in life)
6: golden-weaved linen
7: currently: Freelancer
8: …

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**Whats you guys favorite

4:female body part(lol)
6:Types of Cloths
7:Computer Programs
8. Death Stars **

let’s see, i’m a girl but i still want to answer, so here it goes:

  1. food: thai curry
  2. color: black
    3: music: rawk
    4: female body part: A BRAIN
  3. book: the davinci code (yes, the sacred feminine rules)
  4. types of clothes: i’d prefer none(haha) but if i really must, then jeans are the way to go
  5. computer programs: photoshop and flash
  6. death stars: what? what do you mean?

Another girlie answer. :slight_smile:

1:food - Thai as well, it’s just too nice.
2:Color - Black.
3:Music - Indie / Britpop
4:Female body part(lol) - Riiiight. I like my eyes, they come in handy.
5:Book - ‘E’ by Matt Beaumont
6:Types of Clothes - Jeans.
7:Computer Programs - RPG or Beat-em-ups.
8. Death Stars - The original and best.

1:food - Chinese and my Sunday roast
2:colour - Blue
3:Music - Rnb, Rap, Dance, lots of stuff!!
4:Female Body part - lol ermm yes, take a wild guess :stuck_out_tongue:
5:Book - PHP for flash at the mo
6:Clothes - Trousers , jazzy shirst t-shirts for going out, Joggers jeans for chillin
7:Computer Programs: Flash!!!, Flash!! oops i said that already, Rpgs, adventure, strategy
8:Death stars??? My fave death star is the one i gonna buy to get my hair back off soul muhahahaha

1:food—a nice juicy chop.
3:Music—Rage/Chilis/Reef plus Da Vinci’s notebook and Moxy Fruvous
4:female body part(lol)—depends on the female. lips, eyes, breasts(in no particular order)
5:Book—Catch 22
6:Types of Cloths—Earthy coloured swishy hippyish stuff.
7:Computer Programs—Flash
8. Death Stars—…

1:food - Pizza or Pasta
2:Color - North Carolina Blue (otherwise known as baby blue :wink: )
3:Music - Rap & Hip Hop
4:female body part - Buttocks or breasteses… :slight_smile:
5:Book - The hobbit
6:Types of Cloths - Shorts and sweaters
7:Computer Programs - Anything that let’s me create
8. Death Stars - ummm… riiiiiiiiight…


Moxy Fruvous - Get outta here!!! I remember those guys, are they still around??!! Ah the memories of my youth :slight_smile:

1:food - anything strawberry flavoured
2:Color - white
3:Music - hip hop
4:female body part(lol) - the ‘fluzy’ lol
5:Book - ‘kes’
6:Types of Cloths - urban
7:Computer Programs - illustrator
8. Death Stars - ?

1:food - Bourbon Chicken
2:Color - to wear:#204A01, to see (as in walls):#314357
3:Music - Hooverphonic
4:female body part(lol) - Eyes
5:Book - Ender’s game
6:Types of Cloths - Chino
7:Computer Programs - Flash
8. Death Stars - Deadly ones.