YYEEEE HHHAAAA! ok ok, Can someone help me create a

Does anyone know how to create a basic scroll menu?

If so do you think you could give me some intructions??

Thanks guyz…



you mean like this? well, not exactly like this, but you can modify it.

Yeah similiar to that but thats not what im looking for…

i just wanna know how to make a small scroller… with lets say a list of information in it and you just scroll up and down…


If no one wants to explain it, can u atleast please show me a tutorial (not a complex one) on how to make a scroller menu?

thanks heaps,

you just make a button that changes the Y value of whatever it is youw ant to scroll


You have to remember im a newbie…

See when you say the Y value, i wonder… :slight_smile:

So you see i dont understand that much when you say Y value…



Y position. To make a MC movie up or down you have to change the _y value. so make a button that says

_root.movieClipName._y += 10

that will make the movieclip move down 10

have another one that reverses that

_root.movieClipName._y -= 10

to move it back up.

Oh ok i see…

But do u know what type of menu scroller im after?
Do u know how to make it?

I noticed your a student, what r u studying???


Hey Chubba,
Tell me what you honestly think about this site me and my brother did for this company in sydney. I did all the flash work on it. The site isn’t completely finished yet!


This is my first ever work that has been displayed on the internet. Im still trying to figure out how to put a preloader on my flash work on this site.


thats good. I like it. very clean and professional looking. I don’t really understand what you want for a menu, can you show me an example…?

Thanks man :slight_smile: hehe hope u mean it!! :slight_smile:

anyways heres an example of what i mean…
Go to www.2advance.com

Then go to “portfolio”

Now see how they have that menu and those buttons to scroll up and down? Thats what i mean… It doesn’t have to be that technical but something similar…

get me???


They are just buttons contained within a movieclip. and masked, and then the arrows change the _y value of the movieClip.

I am studying to be an archaeologist. hopefully i will be able to incorporate some Flash into it. :slight_smile:

Ahh i see Chubba,
I got it moving up and down, but im have trouble masking it. You see it does mask but the entire background disappears as well so its just the text that appears. Where i would like to background to be there as well so the text is within the clip… get me?

How do i make it so when the text gets to the far buttom it stops so it doesn’t keep going out of the clip?


How do i make it so when the text gets to the far buttom it stops so it doesn’t keep going out of the clip?

if(_root.movieclip-_y <= 150){
_root.movieclip-_y += 10

and the other button would be

if(_root.movieclip-_y >= 10){
_root.movieclip-_y -= 10

As far as the background, play around with the mask. The background should be in the MC clip that way it should get masked too.

ahhh yes, i got it…
thanks heaps chubba… and i figured out the bg masking problem! :slight_smile:



Hey Jubba… have you been to some of the Upuaut sites around? There is at least one that has a very cool three dimensional pyramid with animated cutaways. I’ll see if I can find the link to it.

There are a number of ways of doing that menu. Horizontal positioning is done by manipulating the _x property of an object.

a movie clip may have a/s attached to the outside of and commonly a onClipEvent(enterFrame){} is used on the outside of movie clips to do motion.


Ahh… this freakin spell check cut half my post away… and I forgot to hit copy… Grrrr…

I had a really good discription made up. I’ll redo it and then post it. There are a couple people asking about this stuff now.

no I haven’t, but if you could find me a link that would be awesome. I am really interested in both fields and if I could get into Archaeology and us my Flash knowledge to create a site to display my work that would be awesome. I actually have been thinking about that since the first day I picked up Flash. Well, I still have 8 or 9 years of school to contend with.