Zoom IN OUT and drawing problem

Hi all,

Please download the zip file and unzip it.
run the editor_ver0.exe file.
please see it well and try to understand what do i want to do with it.

first time when you run it you can draw by selecting tool smoothly.

but if you wheel your mouse on the drawing area,you see that zoom in and out is working well for the area.

i have used the following function on mouse wheel event to do that
public function changezoom(e:MouseEvent)
//trace(“delta number:”+e.delta3);

but after zoom in if you try to draw rectangle or others you will notice that it is not drawing smoothly with the mouse pointer.

it is not drawing smoothly with mouse.

i have used the following function to draw such as rectangle

public static function square(e:Event):void
GL.mcRef.graphics.lineStyle(3, 0x000000, 1.0);
GL.mcRef.graphics.beginFill(0xff9900, 1.0);
GL.mcRef.graphics.drawRect(0, 0, targetStage.mouseX - GL.mouseIniX, targetStage.mouseY - GL.mouseIniY);

GL.mcRef.x = GL.mouseIniX-Main.instance.drawArea_mc.x;
GL.mcRef.y = GL.mouseIniY-Main.instance.drawArea_mc.y;

//GL.mcRef.x = targetStage.mouseX-GL.offx;
//GL.mcRef.y = targetStage.mouseY-GL.offy;


i think i have a problem to set the x y of drawing rectangle when draw.

but i cannot understang what will be the measurement for that.

if any body have any idea or example please share with me.

thanks in advance