Circle drawing problem

hi mates,
Please visit this link.

here i can draw rectangle and line tool smoothly there are no problem.
but i can not draw the circle smoothly as like rectangle.
i have written the following square function to draw the rectangle which is going well.

public function square(e:Event):void
{;, 0x000000, 1.0);, 1.0);, 0, mouseX - GL.mouseIniX, mouseY - GL.mouseIniY);
GL.mcRef.x = GL.mouseIniX;
GL.mcRef.y = GL.mouseIniY;;

i have written the following drawCircle function to draw circle which is not drawing a circle as i expected like rectangle.

public function drawCircle(e:Event):void
{;, 0x000000, 1.0);, 1); 0, 0, mouseX-GL.mouseIniX);
GL.mcRef.x = GL.mouseIniX;
GL.mcRef.y = GL.mouseIniY;;

can any body help me to solve it.
thanks a lot,