Zooming effect

Hello,\r\rHow do I make a zooming effect with Flash MX when I do a onmouseover on a image.\r\rThanks,\rMurali

There are a couple of ways. The easiest way would be to place the picture inside a movie clip. In the movie clip you have a stop(); action on frame 1, and then tween the photo so that it gets really really large.\r\rThen you can have an invisible button (a button with nothing in any frame except the “hit” frame) over the movie clip and have code on the button to exicute a play(); command on that movie clip.\r\rIf you want to be able to zoom anywhere in the photo… that becomes a little more tricky.\r\rare you following me, or have I lost you?

if you want to rollover anywhere on the image…just turn the image into a button and follow Upuaut8’s advice. This time using \r\ron (rollover) {\r\r gotoandPlay(“framelabel”);\r\r}