Flash MX Rollover Icons

All i need is some help creating a mouseover button for graphics and pictures. Not Text

Can you be a bit more specific.

P.S. It’s not the grave we fear, it’s what comes after it!

I have a bunch of pictures, and what i want is to put them tiny and then when you move the mouse over them they grow larger.

Double click on the button image when it’s small. You’ll be brought to the time-line of the button.

You’ll see a black circle in the “up” state.

Click on the “over” state.

Press F6 - that inserts a black circle (key frame) in the over state.

Select your image and press CTRL+ALT+S (Scale).

Enter the percentage you want to scale to, eg 150% - that’s the original plus 50% more.

When you test your movie and move the mouse over the image it should change to the larger image…


urPicture.onRollOver = function(){
urPicture._xscale = 400;
urPicture._yscale = 400;

urPicture is a MC with ur picture on it



im pressing ctrl alt s and its not doing anything. do i get out of the button area first?
WhAts urpicture?

i got the scale but do i constrain it?

That’s actually a good way of doing it especially if you re-use the function later eg:

Eki said:

urPicture.onRollOver = function(){
urPicture._xscale = 400;
urPicture._yscale = 400;

I suppose you could use something like:

function makebig() {
this._xscale = (whatever);
this._yscale = (whatever);

and in the future on mouse over you could just call makebig().

I think that would work…

thats nice and all but where do i put all this?


urPicture =

Place any of your pictures on the stage, make sure it’s selected (not anything else); hit ‘F8’ to convert it into a movie clip symbol.

In the properties pane give it an instance name (I’ve used urPicture, u can use wathever u like -it’s just a name- ) and make sure that name is same one u use in the code.

Repeat the process for each of the images.



jesus im getting a headache.
I need a handholding walkthrough and i cant find one anywhere on the net.
u people are nice to help me out though

Ok forget the script - You just want to be able to make an image when the mouse moves over it? Or are there more images grouped? The first method without the script is easier…

i have a circle. i double clicked and made it 200% bigger (constrained) for the over. Now what?

When you say made it 200% bigger. What do you mean? Have you made it bigger in the over state? If so, isn’t that what you wanted? If not when editing the button - make the the up state is the original image and the over state is the 200% one.

That should work.

your right.

but if i have 2 pictures (graphics) and i wanted to be able to scroll through them just by using the mouse over technique, how would i do that?

Ellaborate on scroll through them…

say i had a web page with several different pictures. you put your mouse over a button and the pictures would move towards the left, vanishing as the reached the edge, how do i do that???

(thinking)… Give me an example. When you move the mouse over a button - where do the images come from - what is their initial position…


I’m postin a fla that does it



its like a circle.
they come from right to left. they appear from the right, come through the center, and vanish to the left