_is IT possible?!

Hello, im working on a project for school, and im going to make a small presentation on flash so my questions are:

  1. Is it possible to run a movie (swf) and while running insert a usb and the swf to detect it ?

if so… is it possible to show the files of the usb once inserted on the swf??

  1. is it possible to have a drag and drop box where u drop ur files ( of ur usb ) drag it to another box for eg and then have a button that on release… it prints que content… of course only .docs and doesnt need to open the doc on word or any other program… just print it from flash…
    now im very new with AS so if anyone has some tutorials or examples… (if all of this is possible.) it would be great, i hope i explained myself… if not feel free to ask :bounce:

Maybe this pic will help you understand. thanks