Browse PDF directly in a flash movie

Can it be done? Can You embed a PDF into a swf and control it from within the movie? I know about flashPaper, i have a project with 10s of PDFs that are not mine, so i don’t wont to risk compiling them to flashPaper.

I will of course do that if there is no other way.

Thanks in advance,

Directly in flash, I don’t think so, you could however just create a hyper link that opens in a new window to the PDFs in question.

Look into Flash Paper -

Not exactly what you mention, but close.

yeah, i think s/he was averse to using flash paper.

whoops sorry, didn’t read too close I guess…:sigh:

Right. I’m gonna use flashPaper in the end. No other way.


Wojtek (a bloke) :slight_smile: