10,000 threads

thats alot

lol i just did that so id be the 10,000 post in this forum

Threads: 59,023 :sigh:

Here at the forum we wish we had 10000 threads and cut the other 40000 spam ones out.

(like this one ;P)

I meant in this forum

Could’ve at least made this one useful :sure:.

It’s all good :slight_smile: Flash MX and other help forums have more threads than this. Random does have more posts though!

That’s because we’re so random and full off spam ;P.

Next thing we know, we’ll make a thread on how to spell kirupa with a kapital k…

Whine whine whine.

Who was whining :sigh:?

You were complaining :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoops ;P.

I hate when people say I’m complaining. Gah this is a complaint! Stop it! Stop it I say!

Lol I’m done :P.

10.000 now Im going to count how many of these were made by alex or mdipi for some fun…


The Reefster-

What’s with this whiny attitude? The thread has a point, all 6 of your posts are pointless, Stop complaining dude!

Gah why must this post be only 18 words?

Ahmed - You’re complaining that I’m complaining! Too much…too much.

The Reefster or should i say master of SPAM… if there annyone that shouldn’t complane it you :stuck_out_tongue:

SPAM is good and healthy… Can be work work work…

Complaining? Alright that’s it.

That’s it! When I get my hands on you…oh I’m gonna…complain som’ore!

I am NOT the master of spam. That’s that other kid datapimp.

You’re all complaining! And now, you’ve got me doing it too :{

Someone please close this topic, it got off topic a long time ago…

Stop it! Stop complaining!

I never said complaining is wrong. My reaction was natural enough, Sharif. Now stop whining, taking this further will end up in a ban, and that’s a fair warning.

I’m removing your previous posts.