10 Years Later...

I realized today that my first post on the Kirupa forums was Febuary 10th 2006. Crazy how fast time goes.


It really is now that you mention it. I’ve been here for around the same amount of time. Joined in high school… and now look at me!!

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We need to do some sort of an e-celebration!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yep, time flies… Do you remember what was on your mind and why did you join this community?


I’m not really sure. I was really into Flash back then. I don’t know how I even found Kirupa Forum, it may have been through an AS snowflake tutorial.

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Looks like its 13y for me, according to discourse.

I don’t remember the initial reason that brought me here, but I remember “hacking” the site and almost getting banned. Look at me now! Hacking skills confirmed!

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LOL. That’s hilariously awesome. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Pretty sure I was trying to make Flash games. >10 years later and I still haven’t made a game. But I still have 28 days left on my Animate CC trial so all hope is not lost yet.

I’ve been patiently awaiting the first TheCanadian game.

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although I think your probably joking, if u are not ill give you a certificate /provisioning profile to run it on your iphone if you just wanted see, you know before registering and paying apple and such

in the end I dont think theres anything else to do with a flash game at this point

Have you published for iOS with Air? I’ve always wanted to make an app for my phone. Does it work well? I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s a complete nightmare.

I don’t remember that at all! What was the “hacking” you were doing? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been here since 2009 I think? I cant believe that.

Sorry to pull this thread in unrelated directions, perhaps ill create a new thread but as far as the Air question I have to say there are a few things that can be anoying or pitfalls but overall it works very well and runs smooth at 60fps.

I did create one published air project a few years ago. 2012 I think. The graphics are embarrassing but from a technical perspective it still works fine years later. I made it in 30fps back then but it runs fine at 60 fps with a cheat code I hid in there

this is not a good modern example of a good air app tho

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The biggest thing holding me back from publishing anything is my complete lack of artistic ability.

Ha! The resemblance is uncanny.

thats a huge problem for me too, I dont know what to do about it. for now im just tryig to keep moving and pay someone for new graphics eventually.

infact I have a game I wanted to show all you guys here, mainly because so much of it is kirupa learned but with bad graphics I think it will just look stupid. so hidden it stays for now

Guys you should share your stuff. If it’s a good concept we’ll see through the artwork and it may actually help you attract talented designers to your work because they’ll see potential in the concept.

I don’t actually have any stuff :wink:

I did something silly like changed my title to “Admin” or something and claimed I could show other people how to be admins by adding an underscore to their name or something equally as ridiculous. I thought it was too silly to be believed, but a number of users tried it, and a number of mods at the time thought it was legit and were after my head. Someone told me I was close to getting banned, but I guess I had also offered up enough useful posts at that point that I bought myself some time to get cleared of prior allegations. :wink: