What Kirupa has done for me - looking back 5 years later

Hey Kirupa!

I recently received a email about the “rebirth” of the website and forums.
Then I remember posting here in 2011. September 26, on 9:21 PM to be precise.

Now, almost 5 years later I have been hugely progressing.
A game that once was going to be launched with actionscript and flash is now a full 3D physics supported online multiplayer game written in webGL and JavaScript.

I’d like this to be a shout out to anyone having a dream and a goal. Because believe me - if you try hard enough you will succeed!

We currently have a multiplayer pre-alpha game demo up on our website and press are picking up on us as well.

Here’s for some GIF images of what I have been working on and have achieved beause of Kirupa:

Now I am super curious who else returned here after 5 years and what you have been doing in the time between then and now.

Share your story!

Congrats on your achievement. I too came here many years ago dreaming of making Flash games. Now I’m doing a MSc in biology. Dream failed!

Dont give up your dreams TheCanadian! Don’t do it!

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That game looks really nice! Well done. I love games with giant robots walking around and shooting at things. I don’t know if you ever were a huge Mechwarrior fan, but I loved those games growing up. MechCommander was also really REALLY good (for its time) haha.

Hey Kirupa!

We really didn’t get inspired by mechwarrior at all. Though, I remember my ten year older cousin playing some isometric mech shooter ages ago when I was just a little kid. I was sold straight away!

Thank you for your awesome reply!

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Congratulations on the game it looks awesome! I have no recollection as to why i came here years ago rather than the other as3 forums at the time. I made the right choice!

Even though i never broke out of hobby developer, Kirupa forums has done a lot for me and learning programing (even if it was just one, arguably dieing launguage).

You are right though if u try hard enough, never give up, u will succeed.

…kirupa also introduced me to bubble tea, thats kind of a big deal

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