2-Cubed Redesign

Hi Everyone,
After a busy summer of summer school and baseball i’m finally able to touch the computer again. Anyway the first order of business is to redesign the 2-cubed layout. I was just fiddling around with a stock photo i found at sxc and i came up with this. Most of the elements in the layout are the elements that will be found in the final release. These elements are the overlay, header etc. So I did a bit of photoshop, swift3d, and flash. None of the content is there yet just a screenshot of what is to come. Just tell me what you think.

Lastly i’m going to use a full length song in this design and i’m leaning towards a great composition by Hams Zimmer in the movie Gladiator. Its titled “Now We Are Free” and it was the song played at the very end of the movie. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated and will be used in every which way possible.

Is this just a template of where you’re gonna place everything?

If not it’s way to plain. You may be goin for the minimal, i don’t know… but this is lacking and I can only picture this being used for a template so you know where your placements will be.

Its meant as a template. None of the effects for the content boxes are in yet.

first off i would say to make the space between the boxes even on all sides, some sides are thicker than others. that box in the middle of the banner needs to go, it just doesnt fit very well and looks out of place.

not bad just a little plain, i know the text and content isnt there yet but i think a little more detail would add nicely to it.

I would completely change the colour scheme too