V2 of my site

Hi again,
I’ve launched V2 of www.eberthdesigns.com
please check it and tell me what u think about it

It is pretty good, but has some problems.

The nav text is hard to read and the text inside the sections are too small.

Just opinionated input.

thanks for your review,
about the text in the nav, what color should i use, so it looks better?
and about the text in the sections, i used pixel fonts, are they hard reading? because i followed the manual, and it says that i shouldnt use the font in other size than 8, snap to pixels, etc…

:smiley: do you think i improved on this version??? or is better v1??

As for the text in the nav, maybe not a text color change, but add like a box behind it like you do on your content. Something to make it stand out more.

I attached an image to show you what the font looks like on my end. It definitely isn’t a pixel font. Did you select “Embed Fonts” when you published your movie?

OMG !!!:o

ok, i’ve corrected that, could you please try again, and tell me if it is solved please

All better!

I don’t know which one is better because I am not sure what version 1 looked like.

Oh wait…theres a link in there…DUH.

I like v2 better.

Is it just me or did you like totally jack that splash page image from VTS (Edwin, Crazy Flash Pie)! And the main page is totally www.alexkurth.com, I’m not trying to be mean but give credit where needed and ask edwin before you use his art. And as a design firm you want your site to look unique (one of a kind) instead of a clone of someone else’s site. I hope you don’t take me up as a jerk :frowning:

That was the first thing I noticed was that it looked a helluva lot like alexkurth. His was original and stood out. I think you can incorporate some ideas from his, but don’t entirely copy most of the site. (lol “entirely copy most?”) I dont know about edwin’s art, but again that was the first thing I noticed when I went to the site. That was what people do to 2a also. Kinda sad I think.


LOL eberth I didn’t mean that you were sad, I mean the opele thatn just copy from 2a. I think you did actually do a good job, except everything’s the same.

Hmmm, striking resemblence to Akurths site…::silence:::x

This is the exact piece of art that edwin (CFP, VTS) made and he even had the balls to edit it by taking away edwin’s name and everything! I have known him for over a year and he works to hard to be ripped off without credit or a request of using his images, and especially how he edits out his name :x

When I click that link I get an error that says

Deviously Banned!
Due to a failure to follow our policies you have been banned from downloading the art that deviantART has to offer. If you feel that you are receiving this in error then most likely that is due to someone that utilizes the same ISP getting banned. Ensure that you thank them for not allowing you to view the wonderful creations that deviantART has to offer.

I don’t have a clue why you would get that message!

But here is edwin’s original image, ya know, the stolen one:

Hmm… a bit too similar.

Hey Dan, did you notice the detail though? Open up Edwins image and then go to eberths site. Flick back and forth between windows. The lines around the nose, the circles on the cheek, and all the other little details. They are different. Did edwin make 2 of these?

I don’t think he did, but now I’m confused as hell! So I take back what I said, I guess he edwin has more personalities than we really know or eberth is hella good at implimenting skills of what he sees!


<FONT FACE=“Verdana” STYLE=“font-size:10px”>Again Silent</FONT>:x

omg, again, i told you, that i make my sites “copying” other’s sites, while i am leaning, look at this thread :
http://www.kirupaforum.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1364 that’s just for learning, and about the image, i asked edwin if i could use it, so he told me yes :smiley: and i traced bitmap of the image, that’s why it looks different but it’s the same,

Ok now I get it; consequently, you still need something unique if you are offering web site design. I can understand a personal site mimicking another site, but again, I disagree with cloning when it comes to business sites. Also note that this is just my opinion and sometime I can be harsh when I see things that aren’t original, but again I have been using Flash for over 2 years now and I was at a stage in learning that building clones of other flashers projects helped me learn and I totally agree with that until you offer a web site design business site project that includes anything that isn’t 100% yours. Good luck on developing with Flash and sorry for being harsh on you at first but I am very conservative (opinionated)!

I owe you an apology too. I have never actually made a Flash layout, so I can’t say that I used other peoples sites as a crutch. I am working on a layout now, but it is VERY simple, I didn’t want anything elaborate.

Ah, bitmap trace, that definitely explains why the image looked different. I was getting confused there:)

Again…sorry. I do agree with dan though, if you are offering web design, your designs should be unique and 100% yours. Otherwise your clients will be paying for duplicate sites. Unless of course you plan to do those as 100% yours.

ok, thanks for all your comments
i promise that v3 will be 100% mine

:stuck_out_tongue: v3- october, 1st, 2002:P