2-Cubed V2

My current site 2-cubed.net has need a facelift ever since it went online. This time i thought i’d rely more on flash than on photoshop but again this isn’t completely true. Anyway i made the first page and i was just wondering if you guys has anything to say.


The home and about links are the only links active right now. Clicking on any of the others will mess up the site and will require a refresh. I wanted to make the file size completely to a minimum so i made everything load dynamically such as the text, images, sound etc. So if its a bit buggy at first please consider a refresh. Anyway please feel free to comment on anything as that is the only way i will learn.

There is an error in Flash MX 2004 for Mozilla based browsers that make it really slow when using transparent/windowless mode. I’ve read a bit on this matter and there is nothing i can do. I too am a firefox user and i’m disappointed.

P.S. The main complaint with my old design was the sound and i think i fixed it up pretty well in this release. I’m using 3 compositions by Hans Zimmer, they are from the movies Gladiator, Lion King and The Last Samurai. Another composition from Spirit is coming soon.

P.P.S. Cubs Rule!

I’m a little too tipsy to comment properly at the mo, but id add another colour. Its a little too blue. Looks cool though.

I tried with some orange but it looks out of place. Thats why i mixed in the white with blue. But atleast someone thinks it looks cool. thanks.

Looks alright dude. Just need to work on the font a bit. The “Welcome to 2cubed” font isn’t working to well.

Would you think replacing it with the font that is found on the sideboxes would do it?

It’s a possibility. It’s just that pixel fonts don’t look good stretched. Know what I mean?

Yeah I understand. Its just i want that text to stand out a bit more because its like the main content text. I’ll try using bold or italics.

Ok I redid the whole content area. All the fonts were optimized and overall improvements were made. Tell me what you think.


The blurb beneath the “welcome to…” is difficult to read because of the stripes behind it. I like the motion when it first opens, really eye catching. The diagonal stripes theme is well concieved, but it does hurt readability with some of the pixel fonts. All in all I really like the direction of this layout. Clean is good.

I’m going to lower the opacity of the stripes. Its at 50% now i’ll try 25%. Thanks for the comments.

I made some good updates. I added a bunch more animation to the buttons. I added some non intrusive click sounds for buttons and for the loading. Also now all images are inside the swf and they are not loaded dynamically. The dynamic loading was creating issues and i just felt this was the way to go.

wheres that song from? i love it!

Gladiator Sountrack - Now We Are Free
Spirit - Run Free
Lion King - This Land
The Last Samurai - Spectres in the Fog

They are all great songs by Hans Zimmer. Is anyone on IE experiencing problems with the music. I cannot get it to play on IE.

i have IE, works fine!!

I have no clue why IE on my computer is acting so weird. The music was working i just refreshed and bam it stops working.

odd, maybe you should download the latest updates for IE…

Just tried updating. Didn’t help. Maybe a restart.


  1. I made the titles look a bit better. Used 1 color for all of them and made them look alike.
  2. Got rid of that fps bug. Now the whole thing runs perfect.
  3. I put in 3 different fonts. If you could tell me which one you like better.
  4. I made the volume of the music 50% as that was a major concern at a couple design forums.

Just added new titles. I’m getting mixed feedback so what does the kirupa forum think.

see post #12 http://www.kirupaforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65410
Whats with all the blue?