200th POST!

Alright 200 posts. I never tought this day would come so soon. I would just like to thank my slack ass job for giving me the opertunity and spare time to spend so much time here. Also a big thanks goes out to all the people on this board. And of course a special thanks goes out to that man with the plan who makes this all possible :slight_smile: KIRUPA :slight_smile:

Lost, please don’t post everytime you hit 200 posts…

- Cheers sintax!

Hey Ilyas, don’t worry, if I were to do that, I would be creating a new thread everyday :stuck_out_tongue:

You won’t see another celebration post from me until I hit 1000. I was sad because I missed my 100th :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh just wait till I hit 1200 posts!!

You’ll all hear it when that happends! Trust me!

Just wait until I get GTA:VC then you’ll hear from me.HAHAHA:P
Just kidding I would never brag while some one is in pain. I feel very sorry for you eilsoe and hope that ypu get the game as soon as possible.:slight_smile:

My job must be getting in the way of my posting - I’m nowhere near the 1000 mark yet. :slight_smile:

well obviously that’s a good thing Kit. It means you’re working. :slight_smile:

At the moment, I’d much rather be posting. :slight_smile: They’ve got me on banner ads, and I’m trying to get the file size down to a manageable 12 - 15K. Even with Fireworks I’m still on around 20K. It’s not playing fair.

Woops. Just hit 1800… Can anyone remember their figures from the EZBoard?

Higher than what I am at now :*(

Yeah, where are the big posters from the old days? Upu’s still there, Thoriphes is MIA, Eyez a bit too, Edwin a bit, you too Dan, who else was there? Jubby…

Phil is the only other one I can think of!

My ezboard total for all ezboard sites is around 10K +. For kirupa’s ezboard it was up around 2000 - 3000 I think.

2 Kposts. Ouh yeah!! :cowboy: A little thousand more and I’m catching Lost…

49 more posts here and I am at 3K :stuck_out_tongue:

i just want 1.000


i’m almost on my 100th