21 inch CRT's for 75 bucks

This computer shop happened on a truckload of these from a office that went out of business. I happened to be in Stockton California visiting and saw the sign and could not believe it. I stopped in to see if my eyes were fooling me. ANd they were not. I bought 2 Nokia 21in CRT’s for 150 bucks (well 120 I talked him down since I was buying 2). If you live in the bay area or a neighboring city (drive distance) I can give you the phone number to the place by PM and you can drive up and get you one. He has a bunch.

PM me if interested.

You lucky, lucky bastard. I live in the bay area. ( Looks at Krilnon’s location :sure: )

lol…Bay Area as in California. Yea I am thinking about buying a bunch of them. for every computer I have. Only had 150 with me when I found this place.

I knew what you meant.

Too bad I don’t even have the $75 for one of them. Not to mention the cost of shipping.

hum… i will be within driving distance of the bay area in like a month, but at that price i assume they will be gone by then. I would LOVE to get my hands on a deal like that though. 21 inches! holy moly! If he feels like holding on to one until the end of august, i would most definitely make the trip down there!!

Do they mail order?
How much is shipping to France…?

Hmm if my car were better already… :frowning:
maybe my friend and I could go down there, im gonna ask him tomorrow

And Belgium? :frowning:

Just went and bought another one. He will ship them but you have to cover the freight cost. And a 21in crt is very heavy.

well its gunna be worth it anyway, its still a 75 dollar 21 inch monitor. Can you hook me up with an email or a phone number that i can reach this guy at? PM it to me if you want.

oh by the way, is this a flatpanel monitor, or is it all big and bulky?

I would love one… Can you ship it to the uk :slight_smile: I’ll pay for the shipping :smiley: Please dont say no :frowning:

PM me your requests for the contact info.

CRT’s are soooo last week :sure:

pets rotatable LCD monitor :beam:

So how are the quality on these DDD? IE what’s the max resolution and refresh rates? And how do the colors look?

ask him how much it would cost (total plus shipping) to get two from where he is to MD - cheapest/slowest shipping (ground, whatever?) would be fine.

Could we see a couple pics of your new monitors?

Are they flat Screen?


The colors are good cool (I have a really good vidd card), quality is great from what i can tell. I have my refresh rate at 65 there are a bunch to choose from (but I must admit I never knew what what refresh rate was). The dot pitch on the ones I have are 24. Max res seems to be 1600x1200

If I remember when I get home i’ll snap a few pics. If not ill post the model numbers and a link to the image.

If you like the shops number I can give it to you and you can ask them your questions. Or call UPS or FEDEX yourself.

Almost all my computers have giant monitors now which is sweet. Just to give you an idea. Most 21 in crt’s are still going for like 400-500 usd.

yea I’d like the number, hopefully I can get more info. I should have enough money laying around to cover the price plus shipping, and it would be absolutely fantastic to have two 21" monitors for my comp (two 17" here at work, and one 19" at home).

Refresh rate is how fast the picture is redrawn on the speed. Higher is usually better :slight_smile:

Yeah I just did a google on it. I am going to up mine now…lol… It mentioned headache and eye strain. I have my res at 1280x1024 and my refresh options still go up to 90, which I was told is a good thing. If that helps anyone.