24 Hours of flying = boredom

Alright guys, I’m gonna vacation off to the Philippines for a week or two. Now the flight from DC to Manila is going to total around 20 or so hours. I know I’m gonna be bored out of my mind on those strenuous flights, so do you guys have any ideas of what I should do to pass all that time?

(i’m not taking my laptop with me, 'fraid it might get stolen there.)


I look at vacations as a good opertunity to catch up on my reading.

read - music - in flight movie - sleep

Buy a bottle of niquill and drink the entire thing before you get on the plane;)

I don’t know why, maybe I’m half asleep already, but I assumed you were the pilot.

Then I read these posts about Nyquill, and catching up on reading, and I think I am afraid to fly.

ROFL :crazy:

Flirt, Read, Sleep, Eat, Watch, Write

Nah, I’m not going to be piloting this flight.

But you’ve never flown before? I absolutely hate it because of the length i’ve had to travel all my life.

And I was thinking of getting the 9/11 book to read on the flight, since my ailing iPod is not getting its 6 hours anymore.

is it coach or first class?

spoken like a real man. props

have fun on vacation! you could take a bluetooth phone and pilot the plane :wink:


No no, I’ve flown before many times. I saw the world before I was 2 - my parents thought it was a good idea. :h: And I’ve flown to Florida and Vancouver a couple of times each. So I’ve had my fair share. But I’ve never been afraid of flying because the thought of the pilot catching up on his reading never occured to me. Eh. But I’d still fly. :slight_smile:

I usually just look out the window on planes. I could go for whole flights just staring out the window.

I saw the world before I was 2 - my parents thought it was a good idea.

great so now you dont remember any of it lol.

Yup. Didn’t stay in one place for more than 3 months max until I moved to Canada. I think I’ve been to at least 10 countries, some of them more than once. But I haven’t a clue what they looked like, other than from photos.

i did a lot of travel when i was young because i was a military brat, i dont rememer a lot of it. Thouse since grown up i have been around most of the US. The only foreign countries ive been to are canada and nicaragua.

yea, it’s like when i went to holland when i was… four. Awesome place (according to the pictures ;)) but i can’t really remember much of it. maybe i’ll get to go somewhere exciting someday when i can remember it… :slight_smile:


Lately I’ve been having these episodes with Chinese women (who seem to love to wear skimpy skirts at random occasions :love:**) so I’m bound to see a few on my flight into Hong Kong.

The flight’s gonna have these little games that I’m going to try to get the highest score for (on that plane). That’s one thing. I was thinking about sleeping pills, but I would prefer Ritalin (though I’m not ADD ;);)) if I could get my hands on some…

But yeah, I think I’m gonna spend most of my time reading or sketching or something.

make sure you sit next to a blonde, and have her play a game with you where you get $5 if she can get a question you don’t know the correct answer to, and she get’s $5 if you do the same… but first make sure she’s REALLY dumb…

Best purchase I ever made to pass the time: personal dvd player :wink:

i would stay up really late the night before the trip and sleep the 20 hours away. I could sleep 20 hours with very little effort.


you know what, i was actually thinking of doing that exact thing.

but jeez, buddy, you can sleep 20 hours? that’s ridiculous.