2nd level MC

I have a button located in a MC, itself located in another MC on scene 1.
When i press the button i would like it to switch to another scene.
The usual action “on (press) go to and play scene2” doesnt work in that case.
How do i -get out - and assign and action when I have a button located far down in a MC which is in another MC…
Hope made myself clear…

Well, you can always use the nextScene(); and prevScene(); commands if you’ve just got two scenes.

Otherwise, you use something like

on (press) {
gotoAndPlay(“scenename”, “framelabel”);

Where scenename is the name of the scene you want to skip to, and frame lable is the label of teh frame within that scene. You could use frame numbers as well if you wanted.

tried that.
well what this does is that it is playing the movie clip where the button is located uinstead of going to another scene.

here it goes:

on SCENE 1 I have:
MC 1 contains MC2
MC2 contains button A

when i press button A I want it to swith to scene 2.

Hmm, can you post your .fla file up for us to check over?

thx here is the file

I didn’t look at the file, but _root.gotoAndPlay(“TaScene”,1) should do the trick.

pom :crazy:

…tried to paste the code as you wrote but that doesnt work:

on (press) {
_root.gotoAndPlay(“Scene 2”, 1);

is that correct.?



You can use a frame label, it works pretty well.

pom :slight_smile: