2nd vector drawing

Well I didn’t like Yahoo’s inability to let me make an swf of myself for their messenger, so I opened up flash to see what I could do. (I also made a export to gif, but it was bad looking, colors were poor…).
this is a picture of me holding a guitar. I think I did a good job, and it was way easier the second time around. Last time around I ONLY used the pen tool; this time, I began with the pen, but soon found I could be quicker with just the line tool and then the arrow to bend, and the pen for extra points on the line. The face is sorta bad, but everyone has trouble with em heh. I know I probably need more shading, but I like it fine like this. If you guys have any comments or suggestions, I may listen, but mostly I just wanna show what I did :slight_smile:
So without further … um, how is ado spelled…