3-D animation

How can I produce a semi- 3D figure animation from Flash MX?
The whole objective is to produce a final piece that resemble
a 3D caracature.

3d vectors are usually done in Swift 3D or 3D Studio Max with the Swift 3D plugin.

They aren’t done in Flash MX… that is unless you have mad skill like that.

Agreed. Unless you’re some kind of genius with a mouse, then you’ll need another program.

does that make me a genius? :crazy: i can do some 3D animation in Flash ^^ i can even make a cube do a full rotation… BUAHAHAHA

Try drawing a 3D Character instead of a shape… much harder :slight_smile:

yah, cube is one thing… try the products mentioned above, or Plasma, which is Swift3d to the 100th power (altough, more expensive).