360 degrees, can anyone help me?

Hey there everyone, \rcan someone help me and tell me how to create a 360 degree movie clip. And if u place your mouse further to the right the movie clip will turn right, same thing with placing your mouse on the left side of the movie clip, movie clip will turn left.\r\rI know that you need multiply pictures for this. But lets say i have all the multiple pics for a restaurant that i want to view. Can someone explain in step by step what i have to do? I know it’s alot to ask for but… please! I dont want a discription on how to do it, i wanna step by step intructions on how to do it if thats not too much trouble… \r\rThanks heaps…\rJak!!!

look at this post. Its a bit on the complicated side. Maybe the creator the code can explain best.\r\rpub40.ezboard.com/fkirupa…3331.topic

Ok but in it explains something about a movie clip… is the movie clip the actually images placed together? Which movie clip is which?\r\rShould i first put all the images today, covert as ONE movie clip and insert that code? i dont know what he means about the second movie clip…\r\rCan u please help?

I think you misunderstood the question.\r\rSir are you asking how to do a 360 degree field of vision, or how to rotate an object 360 degrees?\r\rI’m assuming that you’re talking about something whereby you see an image in front of you, if you push the mouse to the right, the image scrolls to the right, continuing until it wraps back upon itself… so that it looks like you’re standing in a room and turning your body 360 degrees?\r\rCan you confirm that this is what you’re talking about?\r\rI’m working on a write up for how to accomplish this, but it wont be done until the weekend is over.

Upuate8… \rYES, that is EXACTLY what im talking about…\r\rAnd if u move your mouse to the left it will scroll to the left. Move to the right and it will scroll to the right.\rAnd it will contiue and rap itself bacj up to the biginning…\r\rwhat u said is exactly what im trying to achieve…\rDo u think you could help?\r\rThanks…\rJakatta…

I can, but it’s something I’m still working on. So far I can only do it by tweening. It’s small and works well. The other way, by action script seems to be eluding me still. I may have that licked too. Give me a couple of days. I’ve got two things that I’ll be working on this weekend and this is one of them.\r\rIf you come up with something in the meanwhile let me know.

Well if the tweening works fine, then why do the actionscript?\r\rDoes the mouse on the right moves the images to the right, same with the left side on motiontween that u did?\r\rJak…

you do it in action script for two reasons. A) because it will be smaller in file size in the end. Especially when working with pictures, ever k helps. B) because it’s there. It’s like the proverbial mountain. :slight_smile: \r\rthe way to do a loop like that with tweening is to reproduce it three times (sometimes you can go two), on two or three layers. You offset the frames so that when one ends, the next begins, and blends together in that manner.\r\rThe movement becomes a little tricky. I used a control clip.\r\rI do have a working one at home. I’ll see if I can find it for you.

I see, no worries then.\rWell, when you get the script do u think u could show me? what i have at the moment is multiple pictures on one layer. All the pics are lined up together so it is like one big picture and it looks at the pic at 360 degrees. \r\rThe only thing is now,\rim not sure what to do from there. Should i convert all the images on that one layer as a MC? And then put the codes in “actions”. Thanks for helping me with the codes :slight_smile: \r\rhear from you soon…\r\rJakatta…

Jesus this is a pain in the butt Jakatta.\r\rI used to have a pretty good set of pictures for a 360 rotation, but I can’t find them. I’m trying to make a new set and they keep coming out looking like crap. \r\rgrrr