Does ANYONE have any feedback with the 360 degrees post?

Hey there everyone, i sent this post about 1 week ago and i was just wondering if there was any feedback… i really need to learn how to do this hey…

this was the post:

Hey there everyone,
can someone help me and tell me how to create a 360 degree movie clip. And if u place your mouse further to the right the movie clip will turn right, same thing with placing your mouse on the left side of the movie clip, movie clip will turn left.

I know that you need multiply pictures for this. But lets say i have all the multiple pics for a restaurant that i want to view. Can someone explain in step by step what i have to do? I know it’s alot to ask for but… please! I dont want a discription on how to do it, i wanna step by step intructions on how to do it if thats not too much trouble…

Thanks heaps…

Any ideas guys??? :frowning:

Check this :…/index.php
I didn’t look at that fla, but the way I would do this : You put all your pictures one after another, group that in a movie clip, and then put two of those clips side by side. Then you make them scroll with Actionscript, and when you’re about to go out of bounds, you move the movie clips.

:frowning: Poor explanation, I know. Look at the fla and post if you don’t understand it.

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You can check that post too :…D=27.topic
That’s not exactly what you want, but the idea is there.…D=28.topic
Good one !

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I’m still working on this myself. The problem I run into with actionscripting the movement is that one inevitably gets out of sync with the other leaving a gap between the two instances of the image.

Not being very sucessful at my attempts so far.

Hey man how r ya?

Yeah i got it… :slight_smile: Ilyaslammas showed me how to do it and i figured it out!! It works 100% and it’s heaps easier to :slight_smile:

Thanks heaps though!!!


I’ll have to try out his method and see how he’s fixed that little problem.

Glad to hear it’s working for you. :slight_smile: