360 degree's

I was wondering if anyone knows how to make a Movie Clip that has a 360 degree revolution…

Like, if i wanted people to see my Bedroom for example and im standing right in the middle. How do i make it so when the user moves their mouse to the right, the images move to the right as if they were turning their head looking! Do u get me? The actions are followed by the mouse… And the further the user mouses their mouse towards the end of the image the faster it would turn… the less, the slower.

Does that make sense? hmm…
Thankk guys…

Depends… I’ll tell you if you assure that we will see your bedroom. :lol:

Usually it’s done by taking multiple pictures from a tripod, and then making sure that they mesh correctly with tweens. It can be a tricky process though… I’ll see if I can come up with an example.

Yeah i figured that it was with multiple pics…
Just wasn’t sure about the coding and stuff…

An example would be good,
maybe after the cursor though… lol

Upuate, haha man i think im asking for too much!!

Your a champion…


Actually I wouldn’t use any coding in particular for it.

The Cursor I think I can explain here actually. I hadn’t had time to work on it today… but I don’t think that it’s really very difficult… it just takes knowing a little more about a/s

To do the cursor thing I would do this.

Create a blank movie clip… that is a movie clip with nothing in it at all. These I use for control clips.

Place an instance of it on the stage at location 0/0 (upper left corner of the stage). Select it, and add the following code.


What this does in the on load segment is set the borders of the stage. In this example I’ve used a 400 by 400 stage. You’ll have to change that if your stage is different.
In the second section, on enterFrame, the movie detects if the mouse is located outside of ANY of the borders and then sets your clips to invisible if it is, else, it sets them to visible.

I can’t remember what the other onClipEvent is… I think mouseMove. I’d suggest replacing the enterFrame with the mouseMove one… just because it should free up some processor time during the movie. Too many things going on with enterFrame will bog things down.

I haven’t tested the above yet… but it looks pretty sound to me.

YAY, hey man thanks…
Well actually… Abut the cursor thing! I did it your way hey! But all i had to do was make another copy of the MV and convert it into a button, then i made the Alpha at 0% and placed it over the actual movie clip. And then did everything u told me previously… :slight_smile:

And so now it works!! hehehe Thanks heaps hey!


What do u mean there’s no coding in the pamming movie clip?

ah… but that doesn’t solve your problem. The point of not using a button to do this is that if you want to use your cursor to actually click on a button, they will interfier with the button that controls visibility.

That is to say, if you place buttons above the button that controls the visible state, then everytime you roll onto one of those buttons it will be rolling off of the large underlying button making your cursor invisible. If you place those buttons under the main button then you’ll never be able to click on them.

By using the above method, we are illiminating the button entirely which free’s up your project to use other buttons.

As a second note, you want to avoid using alpha 0 objects if you can. Alpha levels are the largest hog of viewer processor power of any element used in a movie. If you really want to make an invisible button do this instead.

Create a square of fill. Color is irrelivant, but I usually use a bright green color.

Select the square, and hit F8. Select button, and give it a library name if you want to.

Now double click on this button in the library to open it for editing. You’ll see it’s four frames, “up” “over” “down” and “hit”. Click on frame 1 “up” and drag it until it is in frame 4 “hit”. Then release the mouse. You should see nothing in the first three frames.

Exit out of the editing of that button and you’ll see that the instance of the button on the stage has changed. Instead of being whatever color you chose, it is not transluscent blue. Do a test on the movie and you wont see the button at all. You will see the cursor change to the little hand if you roll over the button, but it is invisible because it has no states other than a hit state.

I use these types of invisible buttons for just about everything. One reason is, I only need to create the one button and I can use it over and over again as many times as I like. The user is only downloading a single button ever.