3D Character Majig

This 3D thing is supposed to… be a “mascot” for my site. I’m quite happy with the results. After a week of vertex movements, here it is: :smiley:

Comments and Suggestions are very welcome =)

All Swift 3D V4 :slight_smile:

Heyhey, my first post here :slight_smile:

I really like it, it screams attitude which is always a good thing :wink:

Are those the final textures?

Hmm… I like it although I think it needs to be refined. I think the face needs to be smooth too… and the eyes need more depth. But it’s a real sweet lookin toon.

looks good, but you can see the head through the “helmet”

Keep it up!

I like it, but it would look better if you could close it like nirvana said. i like the angle though. Good Work.

I agree with simplistik and Nirvana, a smooth face and closed helmet. Pretty sweet though!


Smooth head… More depth eyes… Closed helmet… Okie dokes. Thanks for the comments everyone! :smiley:

I might also add one of those spy glasses (one-eyed, half transparent, greenish, has binary codes on it, that sticks out of your ear), some different colours… hands + feet?

EDIT Lukus, since it’s going to be animated and imported into Flash, there probably will be no textures. Just plain glossy colours (small file sizes). :slight_smile:

I say leave feet off. It’s great as is :slight_smile:

Its great as it is…maybe a litlle realisic shadow would fit nice!