How do I make my 3d text looks more Professional?

Hello you all,

I am using Swift 3d V2 to make cool 3d text logos. However, I would like to know how can I make my text logos look with more quality and more professional? I have seen this nice V2 logo in the site, and I had liked my animiations to look similar, but I don’t know how to get the texture to look more “real.” Can anyone help me out?
Thank you in advance for any guidance. :slight_smile:

Hey just what to say sorry in advance.

Im not 100% sure that im right but im sure that the text was not made with swift 3d cause well it don’t make it look like a 2d button im thinking that they used a 2d proggrame like Photo Shop (MY GOD!) or something along thoughs lines.

Sorry if im wrong and u can make text look like that then well [email protected]#$.

The trick to making your Swift 3D output look better is to import into Flash, select all, breakapart, and then edit it the way you like. Then just publish from Flash to see the final product.

I’m not sure if that was what u were talking about,
but i’ve attached an example i made with the V2 logo i made.

That is a zipped t3d file

Hope that was what you ment

Good luck

You can always use 3D Studio Max which you can make your own materials (textures)!

The logo of swift3d was manufactured only in swift3d v1, what do u need its to configure the mesh quality and the smothness, the material that the logo is made depends in swift of two main things color and light (brilliance or lack of it). In 3dstudio and maya the texture have one third component: the geometric structure of the skin of the texture :slight_smile: In swift that dont happen.