3D Program - What should I use?

Looking at all this sweet 3D stuff I see everywhere, I want to start into using more 3D material. My plight here is what to use?
I’ve dove into Swift 3D and Bryce slightly but it seems though there is a lot better list of programs to use. What’s everyone like? Any problems with the programs? Anything else I should know?

search the forums. browse a bit. This question has been asked quadzillions of times.

try them all…they have trial and education versions of all.

I was poking around a bit, but no one seems to give any straight answers. The ones that people seemed to love is 3D Studio Max and some other one that I can’t remember the name of at the moment. I’ll just have to experiment myself. Thanks anyway though :slight_smile:

exactly there is no straight answer. Me personally I have fell in love with Silo and use LW faithfully. Yet no one recommended either. It is up to your comfort zone.

I think you are waiting for someone to tell you what to use… knowone can do that… ddd is right, there are so many trial and education versions of things out there you need to try them all, They all are about the same. Each has different features from the other but they all do the same job… if you don’t mind a cluttered interface get 3d max, if you want a clean interface use Lightwave, tho lightwave will make you think more than max lightwave is a good prog to learn…
I am partial to LW so I am bias but try them all and decide

There is no definitive program to use. They all boast good rendering and moddeling. A number of members here like DDD choose one over another simply because of preference. If you like doing abstract 3D and moddeling, look at C4D. If you want to dive into good animation, 3DSM. If you want to try into film, Maya. But there are also others like LW, which DDD chooses because of the good render. It all depends on what your trying to create and what things you like/dislike.

>> could someone post that link here, about what good 3D programs to choose? It was a long article about renders and so forth.

which link are you talking about minimal?

::: btw i agree with all above, personal taste is what it comes down to. I use Maya and have started playing around with silo. Why i use maya is because i like the way it works, its navigational methods and tools that it holds. Find something that suits you and stick with it, any application you learn will help you in the long run, since most all apps are similar in some way so you can use that knowleage in other 3d apps if ever you choose to switch to another 3d app.

What happened to the good ol days when everything was done by hand?

Anyway, another thing is… most of them can get the same type of look, and if you can’t accomplish it w/ the 3D program you can always airbrush the rest in w/ PS. I think Swift, and Bryce are good to start off w/ and you can always get the effects you want… the “old fashioned” way.

3DSMax and Maya. :thumb:

It’s like MINIMALISTIK said, it depends on what you’re trying to do. IMO these are the best, though very difficult to learn (I’m talking about 3D Studio, I’ve never used Maya though I’m sure it’s just as difficult).

The link I was mentioning is this long article about what good 3d apps are suitable for your needs and talks mainly about the high end renders like vray, mental ray, Anyone remember it?

in the forums or somewhere else?

The ironic thing is the kind of answers I was looking for you guys gave me perfectly. What kind of programs are better suited for what styles. I guess I wasn’t thinking clear enough at the time I posted it to get a more straighforward answer. I’d really like to see that article if anyone comes across it.

I had one more question, what program has that nice clay/soft look for renders? I don’t plan on strictly doing that style, but it’s something I’d like to dable in.

I think any 3D program could produce that, as long as the right textures/materials are used.

any one that has radiosity

in the forums or somewhere else?

its from a website that I cant remeber. It might have been mentioned here. Ill see if I can dig it up.

just try the f$%@ing apps for yourself. Read up on them.

Here are a couple of links to some of the educational versions of few 3D applications (along with a shameless link to my own 3D primer tutorial :)). I haven’t had much time to hunt down some more URL’s to the free applications like Blender and Silo… but you can trial these and see how you go. If you’re really game you can download Houdini Apprentice and tackle what the big boys use.

Softimage XSI
Alias Maya PLE
Houdini Apprentice

3D primer tutorial

Silo is not free…But it is only 100 bucks
www.nevercenter.com and you left off LW, Ironik :bad:

I just say one thing: Maya