3d Robot Battle

How bout a battle to model the best robot? Im just getting into modeling and I would like to test some of the stuff im learning. Anyone interested? I’d say like a month duration for the battle. Any program goes and you can photoshop your render at the end if you want.

Any takers?


I’m in. If I have some time, I’ll whip something up.


must say i don’t like doing robots so i may not enter but i might…just maybe…

anything like it has to be a bipod,or something?
Because a robot could look like anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, im going through these video tutorials on modeling. They are so awesome.

nah, it’s all up to you. wheels, bipod, flying, etc.

:frowning: I wish I was a good modeller. I can animate a rig well- but model- eh kinda…

Hey SlowRoasted, what application are you using?


Max 7

Actually it’s max 8. Im going to be starting my model soon. Got to finish some school work first though.

I’d like my robot to have 2 jet engines on it’s back that allow it to fly. Here is a quick render of what I’ve done so far. keep in mind this is my first model ever. I’ve done some crappy abstract stuff in the past, but this is my first try at a model:P

Alright, I think the engine is starting to look better. Im going to have to find out how to make some heat beams coming from it eventually, but that wont be till the end.

looks cool ! :beam:

Maybe I’ll try something when I get home… I’ve never really modeled anything, only putting spheres and cubes together to make it look like… something… I have to learn sometime! I’m using cinema 4D, I got a copy of it, but is that good for modeling?

Im going to start over on this one. I was just eyeballing stuff. I need to sketch the robot and then set up reference images to really makes something nice.

Looking great Nathan :slight_smile: