First attempt at 3-D (MAYA)

Tell me what you think. I know the modeling isn’t too great could’ve spent more time on detail though. But overall I think it’s nice. The robot is based on someone else design at


close up

Whoa, great modelling and materials!!! :slight_smile:

yeah thats is pretty sweet to say its your first attempt

I like him, he’s got character!:smirk:

First time Maya- yeah right!
Way too good for a ‘noob.’
Did you use nurbs or polys?
Try rendering using Mental Ray and see the Awesome Power!

Keep up the good work!

I just read alot of tutorials and experimented it took me about 15 hours to get the feel of Maya and finish that mode

Oh I used polys for the robot and nurbs for the surrounding areal

cool man, i like that style

pretty good, nice to see someone using maya, well done Twilight :beam:


these are really nice!