3d studio max - wireframe render

ok in 3d studio max 5 is there a way to render both a material and a wireframe like 1 pixel thick or bigger?



to my knowledge you have to make 2 renders, first solid (normal), and then wireframe afterwards.

make sure to save as targa format (saves the alpha channel output as well), then blends them together in photoshop…


I think

Try www.snotmonster.com
It has an edgemap plugin which I use fairly frequently. I’m not sure about support for max 5, but its worth a try.

The traditional method (non-plugin) is to select the mesh and make a spline shape from it, push the shape out and then make the shape edges renderable… this is a pain in the arse, and you can get much better results from a plugin. You can also check out www.maxplugins.de

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