3Dsmax Ink n' Paint Jaggies - whats goin' on!?

The Ink n’ Paint shader in 3dsmax 5 is my best buddy when it comes to making graphics for shirt clients. I’ve always noticed these little jagged edges in the lines though. I always thought they looked kind of cool and add a little something to it so it doesn’t look so computerish. One of my clients though, wants them out. I’m thinking, “simple.” Well… I don’t see any settings in 3dsmax to fix this and I most certainly don’t want to get Photoshop crazy because theres a lot of graphics and a lot of fixes on all of them.

We all know how deep 3dsmax goes, so I have to be missing something, don’t I?

I haven’t used this shader yet - but when you shade it, aren’t there any parameters that can control the edge feather?

There should be some way to blur out the jaggy edges to smoothen them ;).

It’s not an anti-aliasing problem. Heres a pic to show what I’m talking about:

I didnt even know about this shader? Where can i find it?

Comes standard with 3dsmax 5 and above… Or did you mean where in 3dsmax? Go to the materials editor, and click on the button that says “Standard” which is below the materials preview and above the material parameters. Click on Ink n’ Paint. Theres a lot of settings in there, but generally I like to change the shader color to the background color for that line art effect. (Great for websites. It looks cool, clean, and you can probably do it as a .gif with 10 or so colors)

Heres another piece I did using this same effect. This one turned out fine though.


That’s sexy. It’s a fun shader, although it takes a while to rendner (atleast with Rio).

Yes, yes it does take a long time to render. My client was like, “thats such a sick model, its a shame to just waste it on a t-shirt. Lets make an animation that zooms around it and swap it out at the beginning of that bmx video!”

16 hours and counting… No pay… Makes me want to cry. At least I didn’t have to animate the arms and tables.

So erm, this thread kind of went off on a tangent. I still am having that render problem I showed a pic of the 3rd post. How do I fix it just by rerendering and not doing it by hand in Photoshop?

[ot]can i see a rendered version of those turntables?[/ot]

sorry dude, dont know much about 3dmax, wheres ironik??

Soulty, that is a rendered version. Do you mean a higher res version? I have a copy at 2048x1536 meant to go on a shirt. Coolest part is, my school clothes shopping is done because I’m getting like 456745675674567856724 free shirts from all my clients, with MY art on it! sweet!

i actually meant a rendered version using default render (so you can see the shaded polys), not the ink’n’paint render. look sweet at the moment though, nice that you are getting free return from the clients, gotta love freebies :beam:

There it is, default shader and all:

cool stuff dude, any chance to see that fly through that client wanted? is it on your site or anywhere online?

–btw, if no one can help here about your problem, go to www.3dbuzz.com and post there or go to ironik’s site [url=“http://forum.nexuschronicles.com/”]http://forum.nexuschronicles.com/ and post in there, i know he uses 3dmax and pretty good at it, so im sure he can help you out.

That fly through JUST finished like a few minutes ago. 8 hour render on 2.8ghz w/ tricked out everything… phew… The render is totally uncompressed now, but I can run it through premiere and get an mpeg up. Prob be about 30 min.

check edit above ^

aS:DFAJSd;fkj AHHH IT LOOKS SO SICK. that was worth it. I’ll get it up in a few minutes here…

erm… this is just not my day. Got it in quicktime or avi, but uhm, front page isn’t accepting these basic file formats. New problems! Yes! I’ve uploaded video before… That was ages ago though. I’ll have to figure this out unless someone knows the answer.

just make the .mov available in a zip format or something, unless your trying to make it streaming.

whyyyyy… its still doing it. even with a zip file. the error msg says

An error occurred accessing your FrontPage webfiles. Authors - if authoring against a webserver, please contact the webmaster for this server’s site. Webmasters - please see the service system log for more details.

I think this calls for kaptain kirupa. I searched the web a little, still looking, but no solution in sight.

is it me being naive or could u have just done those in Illustrator? The 3d aspect looks amazing but couldn’t u use a perspective techinique in AI to get the same effect? (i mean for the tshirt by the way)