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THis one is the new one:

i made that, to see if i could make some Hip TEKNO’ish type stuff. made with 3ds max4 and photoshop. any comments?

Pretty sweet… but then again. I already said that to you on AIM. :slight_smile:

=]… i have found that wireframes ‘melting’ into shading in 3d has a profound effect on teh techno type stuff… a good tutorial can be found on www.3dlinks.com and its somethign like rhino to 3dsmax… or something… its a photoshop tutorial and is bound to be out there… also do you know how to render as wireframe? not material [material editor/ wire map], but in render dialog… it has an option to force wireframe… use that… as far as i can see you rok at graphic design bro… i have been trying to achieve that ‘clan/professional’ look while still capturing attention and with a few years of experience in art graphically on teh higher end of things i still cannot get it right. you rok =]

THanx…yep i have mastered the wireframe stuff…its pretty easy to do. I was gonna do it for this but i was too lazy to deal with masking…so i just decided to do it solid. thanx for the advice though, im glad u like it.

I think it looks phat especialy since its hosted on my site lol

I always have liked backgrounds such as that. Really cool :slight_smile:

thank you, bows