Ok everyone, my first forum on this site, I’ve had aprox. 2 months exp. with Flash and have really been taking a break with design and using every tutorial possible to learn more about ActionScript, I hate it, but at the same time I love it. During the school year I worked on my highschools web site and that is when I started flash. Now to the point, I was wondering about 3D animation programs, is Swift3D really a good program that is worth the buy, or are there others out there? That’s it! Oh yeah, and how do you post a footer in these things.


Swift 3D is pretty good! It allows you to make cool 3d effects from scratch. It isn’t as advanced as other programs like 3D Studio Max, but it is very good for working with 3D and Flash.

For info on adding footers, visit here: http://www.kirupaforum.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=12

Kirupa :beam:

if you love flash then use Swift. Its not only really good and flash integratable beond most of your dreams. Its good esp. if you are just getting into 3d too, then you can move onto the programs like 3DSM and Maya.

Alright sweet, thanks alot. I’m still a little confused about the footer thing though, and now I just have to be brave enough to fork out that much money for a computer program.