3Dness (upu)

hi… ya remember back to a post where i said i needed help on 3D from iCu and you (upu) said you would help if i wanted…? well iCu cant help 'cos of a computor problem and i was wondering if maybe you could… or anyone who is decent on 3D"ness"


Hey TDF-
I cannot help you with 3D but I have always wanted to say how cool I think your band aid is. Neato—I always play with it everytime I see it. The band aid that is. Doh!


i could help

tdf, I luv your sig too lol, i always play with those cool bubbles!!!

wow… maybe these problems are contagious. Personaly, I haven’t been able to do a thing on my comp for three days, as it has this bizarre tendency now to reboot every five minutes for no reason what so ever. It’s fuxor, so to speak.

I’d give advice in any way I can though. I managed to make a 3d cube the other day which rotates acording to mouse movement, and is drawn completely dynamicaly… though I’m not all that sure how I did it, or why it works. Most of it was cut and paste from a book, (friends of ed, Flash and game design)… I’m still breaking it apart in order to understand it fully.

So, tomarrow, I start burning stuff from my harddrive onto disks, and then I’m going to format the drive from scratch, and reload everything on it. This process should take me about three days to complete. Until then, I’m stuck accessing the internet only from my work comp. (which has no flash on it)

Hang on, Upu. You know what happened to me yesterday ? I had to reboot my CELL PHONE !!! I mean @#%$ ?? Do Microsoft make those too ??
pom 0]

anyway, back to the original question…i’ll be able to help with the math involved, not that ****ty way of opening up swift and doing it from there. maybe we can set up a sort of research team to perfect a 3d engine in flash.

well actually what i wanted was a wrestling ring! so if that can be made in flash then cool! but i didnt mind if it was in flash or just a plain ol .jpg i dont mind really, its just that im crap on 3D programs so i need help…

anyone think they can?


hm…wrestling mat eh…that could be done. and then just use jpegs for the wrestlers.

hey, thorp i dont want wrestlers… i want a empty ring with ropes (like the WWF) but not the WWF if ya get me… is that okay?

ive seen sum of edwins 3D stuff and i reckon he could do it… cos i doent have to be in flash…



unfortunately my geforce 2 ddr is fuxored…

Photoshop, flash, fireworks, 3dsmax, maya, lightwave, softimage XSI, and basically ANYTHING that needs decent cpu usage and a moderate to full blown opengl ammount will not work.

Get this though… Quake 3 Arena works for about an hour or so then i get an error and my PC reboots… then when it reboots it all works fine except… i don’t have a desktop. none of my files show up… the background pic won’t load [all associated with Open GL fuking up] and it takes a good half hour for my geforce to cool down before i can reboot my PC. And when i click on anything it freezes AGAIN.

I am making a video game for the PC and I can’t do sh1t anymore… so i apologize TDF and i wish i could help… anything you need info wise… got a copy of rhino? or max? lemme know. what you need is extremely easy to do. its a simple rotation animation and a few texturing tricks with schnazzy lighting and maybe some Global Illumination. Not much. a twenty minute job. I was even gonna do some cloth animation for the mat… =[

Get the tools and i will lead you to tutorials and personal tips to learn how. Until i get my Geforce 4 Ti4600 from visiontek [my game developer boss might forward me some cash] i cant do much.

Well, it turns out it’s a power supply problem. Just bought it 3 months ago… so I’m pretty pissed. I should be up and running by the weekend at the latest. I’m not sure what I could do at this point with regards to that though. If I were you, I’d draw it from scratch using Flash tools, or are you set on having something really realisic looking?

na, i hant got a copy of either of them! which is best! and which is smaller (in otherwords which one should/could download) i have strata3D base! the free one and thats pretty much useless…

so tell me what i need to get and il see what i can do…

i wanted to look pretty good… and thats why im finding it hard to do!

anyway thanks dudes


arg… it’s not a power problem. My mother board got fragged. A few months ago we had a transformer blow down the block… I think that’s what caused the problem. Anyway… all my capaciters (sp?) are blown on my motherboard… I’ll be down till at least monday when I can get a replacement board. Uggg.

As for the wrestling ring, I doubt that I can help. I have a version of 3DSmax that could probebly do that if I really knew how to use the program, but it’s not really my program and so I’ve never bothered to learn much about how the whole thing works. Eventually I’ll get into that, but my Flash 3D stuff is more of rotational points and lines than anything else. Sorry

i think you should look to VTS for help. The 3d stuff of his that ive seen is really good.

tru… he is pretty decent. i could coach anyone.

BTW my boss is buying me a geforce 4 next week… i will, however be bound to his nutz for a good while working my a$s off on this game of ours. so even then i cant help =[

GF4…drools! :slight_smile: Lucky!

we are making a game for either sierra games or activision… whoever buys it… so far we have contracts with gamespy and other such companies and we own the game engine so without someoen making anythign its wasting money. if i cant afford it as of now [i cant] then he gotta i guess…

i asked him to get a geforce 4 ti4600 128 meg because i plan on paying him back within a few weeks with taxes and i dont want to pay for a piece of sh1t so i specified the geforce 4

heh so im actually buying it… just not right now.