3DS Max and FlashMX?

Okay…so I’m mostly wondering what a company like whoswe (click) would have used to render that awesome stuff to Flash…and have it look great still (chrome, etc)? Any ideas? :q:

I’m sure they rendered it in their 3D proggie, then saved needed views and imported them to flash, then added any animated effects… the renders I believe are just bitmaps.

Interesting…How would they animate that hand and all that? I wonder if they use Swift at all…

I’m fairly sure that Swift wasn’t used… Prob. 3ds Max or Maya or something like that…


my god that site is amazing.

if you look at the “about us” in the pleasure side of the site you will laugh, at least I know I did. It takes a bit of time to load but it’s a kind of “how we did it” piece on how they created their site. But I dont think you should take it to serious :slight_smile: