3DS MAX Weld Tool Questions

Howdy, so i’m working on a model I started long ago. I read in a book that a good tool to use when working with clone objects is the weld tool. It was the 3DS Max bible I think. So like they did in the book I realised I had done the same by creating one side of the model and making a clone of the other. This causes a bit of an off look when you merge them together and so the book suggested deleting the faces where the models would connect since they were not needed and then useing the weld tool to adjust the model correctly. However, I am not the greatest at knowing the 3DS Max tools and their uses. I am online reading about them in tutorials and such, but I was also hopeing someone who has experience would give me a quick rundown of what they generaly use it for and such.
Heres a picture of what it looks atm when the two halves are dragged together. You can see what it is that I want to fix just above the legs where the stomach will be.