3some version 2

Check this please!


Under construction

Nice concept, but the navigation is a bit buggy. The hit areas of your buttons need to be more defined, it took me awhile to figure out where to rollOver since rolling over the text itself didn’t do anything.

Also your rollovers gets stuck on one state if I roll my mouse over them real fast.

It’s a nice start so far, but I think it’s still needs a lot of work. Good luck. =)

it’s good…nice start…i suggest preloaders for your portfolio as i was kinda confused until the file loaded. Make your buttons over the words as well as in the corners, b/c like electrongeek i had no idea where to click for a while

i like the site u did in ur portfolio though… :slight_smile:
nice graphics

hmmz ok i am just going to say this…
i find the gal in ur website rather… similar…
to another site i saw in the site of the week forum…

Serious, if u find that site msg me please

tks to all


haaa, it’s not a site of kirupa but maybe http://www.geocities.com/DesignX9/

hmmz but that girl in the centre is very similar to another that i saw in the flash intro of this site…

after doing screen captures
i am positive they are the same
where did u get that gal graphics from?

Yeah I wait a response from kamiza crew, but its long…

maybe I will change, copyright obligate

opz er sorry didnt see ur post… :slight_smile: