Online portfolio


here is my unfinished online portfolio… im still working on it…
there isn’t much YET!.. but soon will…:}

That image is amazing. The navgation is a little random, but I wouldnt say bad. I love the alpha/white animated thing whatever it is, it just seems a little out of place sitting where it is. Just a bit unsymmetrical for me. Dogs in wooden chests? Ooer. i dont understand. And the smokey rollovers remind me too much of bluewake. Is it bluewake… one of them anyway. But then clients probably wouldnt make the connection so it may not be a problem. Overall i really like it and would like to see a finished version. Oh yeah, it was far to big for my screen. (1024x768 using firefox)

it doesn;t have to make any connection is it???.. i liked the image…
and its not from bluewake…i haven’t seen it from bluewake…

site unavailable?!? :frowning:

It’s cool, but maybe a little dull? It feels like I’m playing with a big, cool looking toy that doesn’t have arms that move. Try putting a little random animation in the background picture or something. Otherwise, I like it. :slight_smile:

That’s tight! I like it.

i didn’t read anyone’s comments, but here’s what i think (excuse me if i repeat).

I like the overall layout. the nav is really cool… but, it seems sort of off… what are the gray bars for underneath the 2 right buttons? also, taht little circle is a bit annoying - lower the alpha.

as for the buttons, i would like to see them continue to play even after you roll out of them early (right now they just stop). one thing i noticed on the about section was that the word me (after about) was really hard to read. you may want to fix that.

it would be cool to see the site aligned a little differently. Like, instead of doing it top left, maybe center, or even in a popup. but right now it doesn’t work well.

it looks very good! :slight_smile:


what are the gray bars for underneath the 2 right buttons?

those are just to fill… nothing special…

as for the buttons, i would like to see them continue to play even after you roll out of them early (right now they just stop).

hmm… youre right about that… but how do i fix that??

make them a movieclip not a button.


Somebody resized my screen!!! :m:

I think it looks awesome!

You better make a low speed version of this puppy < insert winky guy here >

Somebody resized my screen!!!

what do you mean???

what happend???

your site resizes the window to 100%x100% automatically.


is that a good thing?

to some ppl it’s hella annoying.


^^ Understatement.

First of all, if I have my window already maximized, what’s the use in resizing it? It just makes more work for the user who has to maximize it again.

Second, I had my windows all perfectly sized and aligned so that I could see everything at once. Then the window got resized, and I had to do it all over again. Very annoying.

I didnt mean the image was from Bluwake, i mean the rollovers on the buttons were similar to theirs. Take a look if you like Although I actually prefer yours.

mwa… bluwake has more of the explosion…

and if im right… the window doesn’t resize now right??

it resized for me. i’m on firefox if that makes a difference. i think the site is awesome though and i love the smokey mouseovers :slight_smile:

I like the idea, looks good

On about and contact your images shift when they are done animating.

Repeating the name of your button twice is not a smart idea, IMO… if your bigger one was some type of quirky title and then the small one told what it actually did that would make sense.

On my monitor, I see lots of blinking stuff… but only barely, that overexposure is sorta takin away from that, making it irrelivant.

The section header fonts, like contact me and about me… they are pixelated.

Love the concept, and design is beautiful. Sorta has a FL feel to it.

Only minor tweaking needed IMO