4 Desktops at ONCE?!

Hey fellow computer geeks and techies, I just got a really cool new toy and I wanted to tell you all about it!

Go to http://find.pcworld.com/38165 and it’ll take you to Microsoft’s Windows XP PowerToys site. Download Deskman.exe in the right column and install it!
When you have it installed, right click on the taskbar in an empty space, go to Toolbars, and then click Desktop Manager.

What does this all do? It gives you 4, yes 4 desktops!!! You can have outlook, AIM, and IE open in one for all your internet stuff – you can have multiple image softwares open on another … and EASILY switch between all of them. There’s even an awesome green button which shows you all four desktops at once … this is one way cool toy!

I thought you might be as excited as me over this one! Microsoft doesn’t TOTALLY suck… :slight_smile:

Take care all